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Carmichael R. Physical properties of rocks and minerals. Cawood P.

Chemical Change in Deforming Materials by Brian Bayly

Accretionary orogens through Earth history. Geological Society of London , Chulick G. Seismic structure of the crust and uppermost mantle of South America and surrounding oceanic basins.

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Cordani U. Crustal evolution of the South American Platform, based on Nd isotopic systematics on granitoid rocks. Coward M. Thrust tectonics, thin skinned or thick skinned, and the continuation of thrusts to deep in the crust.


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Tulsa, Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Lama E. Geological Journal , Laske G. Lesquer A. Malagutti Filho W. Mantovani M. The Paranapanema lithospheric block: Its importance for Proterozoic Rodinia, Gondwana supercontinent theories. Delimitation of the Paranapanema proterozoic block: A geophysical contribution.

Marangoni Y. Martins-Neto M.

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Sequence stratigraphic framework of Proterozoic successions in eastern Brazil. Marine and Petroleum Geology , Maus S. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems , Milligan P. Enhancement and presentation of airborne geophysical data. Mora C. Morales N. Nabighian M. Historical development of the gravity method in exploration. Geophysics , NDND. The historical development of the magnetic method in exploration. Peate D. Geophysical Monograph.

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Percival J. Exposed crustal cross sections as windows on the lower crust. In : Fountain D.

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Amsterdam, Elsevier, p. Peternel R. Romano R. Sanderson D. Shive P. Magnetic properties of the lower continental crust. Sial A. Precambrian granitic magmatism in Brazil. Skeels D. Ambiguity in gravity interpretation. Slavec G. Spector A. Statistical models for interpreting aeromagnetic data. Stampfli G. The formation of Pangea. Stewart J. Implications for Proterozoic plate margin evolution from geophysical analysis and crustal-scale modeling within the western Gawler Craton, Australia.

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