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Robustness of replicability We also measure the consistency and the robustness of the results across different repetitions of the same experiment.

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Fig 6. Robustness of generalization in mental health experiments. Fig 7. Stability of strategies in Mr.

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Banks replication experiments. Experience Finally, another important aspect that we measured is the overall satisfaction of the participants after they finish the experiment. Discussion With Citizen Social Lab we present a platform that combines human behavioral experiments with a citizen science approach with the sake of bringing science to a broader audience and to perform social experiments beyond the laboratories. Supporting information. S1 Fig. Home screen of Mr. Brain and The Climate Game. S2 Fig. Decision-making interface of Mr.

S3 Fig. Tutorial interface of The Climate Game. S1 Table. Market imitation. S2 Table. Win-Stay Lose-Shift strategy. S3 Table. S1 File. Supplementary notes, figures and tables. Acknowledgments We acknowledge the participation of 2 anonymous volunteers who made the experiments based on the platform possible. References 1. Schroeder D. Social dilemmas: Perspectives on individuals and groups. Greenwood Publishing Group.


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Behavioral Science and Positive Leadership: The Future of Professional Development?

Altruistic behavior in a representative dictator experiment. Experimental Economics. Fehr E, List JA. J Eur Econ Assoc. Exadaktylos F. Experimental subjects are not different.

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