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Father Brown Mysteries The Wisdom of Father Brown: The Complete & Unaridged Original Classic

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The Wisdom of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton | Serial Reader for iOS and Android

Introducing the Apostolate of Common Sense. A lay apostolate dedicated to Catholic education and evangelization. There is only one kind of literature that is most successful and most appreciated when it makes us feel like a fool: detective fiction. A good mystery gives great pleasure when we come to the end of it and are dumbfounded by the solution. It is simultaneously humbling and gratifying to be surprised by a truth that has been sitting under our noses all along.

Even though we did not expect the conclusion, we instantly recognize that it is the right one. Even those poor souls who figure out the clues ahead of time and are not surprised by the ending are not without satisfaction; they at least have the pleasure of knowing that the author is as smart as they are. In spite of all the essays and poems and books and philosophy and social criticism that flowed from his prolific pen, G.

Chesterton is best remembered for some detective stories he wrote. And it is fitting that it should be that way, because first of all, nothing would please him more, and secondly, almost everything he wrote falls right in line with his mystery stories, achieving the same effect of presenting a puzzle to us, leading us along, and finishing us off with the shock of truth, the surprise, the revelation of things that we should already know, the solution that is utterly appropriate but entirely unexpected.

follow link It is natural that Chesterton, master of paradox, should be master of mystery, because both involve seeing what is familiar for the first time. The first story in this collection draws attention to what sets Father Brown apart from the standard detective fare that came before him, which was only Sherlock Holmes and all the bad imitations of him.

The Innocence of Father Brown Full Audiobook by G. K. CHESTERTON by Detective Fiction

In this case, it is Dr. Orion Hood, who, with his brilliant methods of deduction manages to get everything exactly and precisely and astonishingly wrong.

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