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A woman without religion, a flower without perfume. The camel kneels to receive its burden. Every blade of grass has its share of the dews of heaven. Falsehood is the darkness of faith. English, German. Heaven is at the feet of mothers. Children who are obedient to their mothers will enter heaven. Life is a light before the wind. See Job vii:6, 7; Ps. Memory is soon lost; love is fragile and must be tenderly treated lest it be destroyed. Nightly prayer makes the day to shine.

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Patience is a tree whose root is bitter, but its fruit very sweet. Persian, German. Silence is the ornament of the ignorant. The almond tree is in flower. The flower of the almond tree is used in referring to the silver locks of the aged. The simile was probably borrowed from Eccles. The blossoms which appear in midwinter after the leaves have fallen, are from an inch to an inch and a half broad.

When the branches of the tree are leafless and apparently dead and dry the flowers suddenly make their appearance. They are at first tinged with red or of a flesh color at the base, but are white at the tips, and when full blown cover the tree as with a massive bank of white that is both beautiful and impressive. When the petals fall, the ground beneath the branches is covered as though a snow-storm had visited the spot.

As the almond tree is the first tree to awake or put on the appearance of life it is regarded as the harbinger of spring. The bending of the humble is the graceful droop of the branches laden with fruit. The eye is a window that looks upon the heart. The image of friendship is truth.

Referring to it J. Truth in friendship does not occur in the East. I can at least conscientiously declare that neither in Syria nor Egypt did any instance of its appearing under difficult circumstances ever come within my observation; but, on the contrary, numerous cases were those who called themselves friends, betrayed each other on the slightest prospect of gain or through fear or some other base motive.

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The lamp of a dark house: a son. The nest of a blind bird is made by God. The pine stands afar and whispers to its own forest. In this proverb one seems to hear the moaning of the wind among the pines, so familiar to the ears of the people of Russia. The sandal tree perfumes the axe that fells it. View all 24 comments. Sep 06, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: vaginal-urban-fantasy. This book kinda defied my shelving system. I felt like I needed a vaginal-paranormalish-adventure tag, but that's weird to even type, so whatever.

So there. It's definitely a romance book, but I think the plot surpasses the "genrefication". I LOVED this book, and even without the naughty bits I would have really enjoyed it, which is how I like to judge my more "romancy" reads. This is like a Period Indiana Jones caper set in the corset ag This book kinda defied my shelving system. This is like a Period Indiana Jones caper set in the corset age. With magic stuff.

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I mean, brilliant combo on the face of it at least there's no Vampires!! I really really loved the two leads here, Thalia, the heroine, she was not too dumb to live, and when she lacked skills it was believable, and Gabriel, the hero, was terse and well fleshed-out leading man who was not a brutish Alpha thank goodness! I love it!! I really am interesting in how they progress, because in one of them, there's an African American lead hero with a white female. These books are set in a late 19th century setting, so I'm really interested how the author will be able to deal with this and seem like it's based in reality at all.

View all 5 comments. There is nothing that is BAD about this book.

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However, I just cannot stay interested in it. The prose is bland and draggy. I keep putting it down after read only a few pages. I need the writing to have a bit more flair. There is too much telling and not enough showing.

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There are spots when the characters come to some interesti There is nothing that is BAD about this book. There are spots when the characters come to some interesting conclusions but never back that up with following actions. What it comes down to is that it doesn't really matter what the story is about, a good author can pull off storylines that would normally make me scream in frustration.

And if the story elements are great, bland writing will cause me never to connect with the great story at all.

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  4. Everything is present that should make me like it, I just don't. View all 10 comments. Aug 14, Ren Puspita rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Paranormal fantasy fans with historical setting. Shelves: ass-kick-heroine , drooling-cover , crazy-character , based-on-mythology , own-mass-market , virgin-heroine , cant-wait-the-new-release , there-are-hot-men , paranormal-romance , reviewed. Note : Kinda look like commercial rather than review. But who's care? Victorian Era!

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    An Exotic Place! And , a steamy read of course Gerard Butler anyone? Oh,yes, please!! Jan 28, Penny Watson rated it it was amazing Shelves: fearless-fiction. I am so in love with this book, I want to marry it, have a honeymoon, give it a dozen roses, and buy it lingerie. It is the perfect balance of adventure, lush scenery, magic and sorcery, larger-than-life characters, and extraordinary acts of love and heroism. It's Indiana Jones if it were jacked up on romance steroids, and a billion times better in every way. It is full of surprises, which is so very welcome to this jaded romance reader.

    It has the most incredible love scenes I've read Possibly ever. Sexy, intense, emotional. Everything a romantic encounter should be, but rarely is. The hero and heroine are just perfection. Huntley is Indy--strong, scrappy, capable, sexy--not as cerebral in a scholarly way, but very well experienced in strategy and war.

    He is a man of action, a man of honor. Not only does he risk life and limb for the woman he loves, and for her cause, he also does the "right thing" saving a life for a perfect stranger. I have a weakness for heroes who have a strong moral compass. For characters who see beyond their own needs, and do the right thing just because There aren't a lot of people in the world like this, and those who are, in my mind, are truly heroes. Thalia is his ultimate match. Beautiful, determined, strong, talented in ways that matter in Mongolia.

    Her loyalty to family, country which is not England, as it turns out , and cause are undisputed. The love that blooms between these two characters is wonderful to watch They are both heroes. This book magnifies the problems I just had with Naked In Death. While Eve battles the bad guys, Roarke drinks gourmet coffee. There wasn't a satisfying balance between their abilities and their actions. Huntley and Thalia make an incredible team.

    Huntley soon realizes that his lukewarm dream of settling down with a shy English maid pales in comparison to the reality of being with his warrior lover. What a wicked smile he had. Some of the scenes in this book were pure magic.

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    The unveiling of the secrets of the tea kettle, with a backward history of Genghis Khan, was just phenomenal. Absolutely spell-binding and beautifully written. The suspenseful storyline, the gorgeous imagery, the fascinating secondary characters, and the incredibly satisfying love story between two heroic characters make Warrior one of the best books I've ever read. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series Scoundrel, Rebel, and Stranger.